Creating a NPC in Oblivion

12 Aug

I,The Professor’s Wife, will start making my NPC character in Oblivion, with the same guidelines as Living in Oblivion.

First is setting up the mods for the game. The first mod is for derailing the main campaign so that there is no Oblivion gates or end of world in sight. Bamf! Done. All of the mods are received through The Elder Scrolls Nexus the one stop shop for mods in my husband’s opinion. The next couple if mods I got was one for draining health and other attributes if I don’t eat or sleep. This one is called Primary Needs. I also look for Crowded Roads and after some searching I find something similar.

There is no guarantee that these mods will work but I will attempt to use them.

Also I am setting up the exact rules that LIO set up.

  1. No legally looting the Guilds.
  2. No Fast Traveling.
  3. No reloads.

Exciting right… well not really but hopefully Nona can keep up with this life style.


So it starts with the standard character making process… first of which is name. Nonap’air Chair’tir. I choose my gender as Female and my race will be Nord. Next is making the face. I give her a large face that is heavy set. I make her have huge eyes. That is completely a personal touch. I also pull them apart more, which makes them larger too. Finally I give her the signature nose of Nondrick, hey it’s brought down from the father’s side of this family tree.

Since she is much like her cousin I also choose The Ritual as her birth sign and Customer Class my character in the same manner. The Class will be name Nonplayer and it will be combat based. Favored attributes will be Willpower and Endurance. I will choose Alchemy, Athletics, Blade, Destruction, Marksman, Restoration, and Speechcraft as her skills. This is a modification of Nondrick’s original.

Nonap’air Chair’tir or Nona for what I will call her on this journey has been created.

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